Feed in Tariff / Renewable Heat Incentive

Company Profile - Experience is everything

At UK Biomass, we are dedicated to ensuring that our business and commercial customers get the best possible solution for your heating or power generation requirements.

  • Biomass boilers and district heating systems
  • Gas, biomass and biofuel combined heat and power
  • Trigeneration

Our designers can undertake a full appraisal of your energy data and using advanced modelling techniques and with over 20 years of experience we can help develop solutions that meet your criteria such as:-

  • Maximising income from RHI or ROC streams
  • Reducing spend on gas, oil and electricity
  • Reducing carbon output
  • Meeting CRC objectives
  • Creating security through on site generation
  • Providing biomass wood chip or bioliquids
  • Completing complex metering reports

Full design reports can be produced so you understand the savings before any investment is made. Depending upon size and the levels of savings achieveable may also be able to bring investment to the project.


                                                    DESIGN, BUILD AND FUEL.